HEALTH & FITNESS UPDATE: Taking Fitness To Another Level

Written by: Corenda Bell

October 23, 2017

Most people may get into shape just to look or to feel good, but fitness means more to Lameitra Dupree, it is a way of life.

Dupree is a Tallahassee native with a passion for fitness, so much that she started and owns a fitness studio located in her home town. However, she did not stop there.

Taking fitness to another level, Dupree competed in her first bikini fitness show in June 2017 in Tallahassee, FL. Sweeping first place in the SNBF North Florida Body Building Classic Competition categories of Novice Bikini, Open Bikini, and the Pro Card level. The Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness Organization (SNBF) is organized for individuals to focus on healthy lifestyles.

“Fitness is a lifestyle for me,” Dupree explained. “It wasn’t necessarily just training for the competition, but staying in traditional workouts to just my regular routine of training.”

The Florida A&M University alumna explained that she got started by seeing others competing, such as friends on social media and other forms of advertising.

“I actually found out about the one that I ended up doing, or the competitions in general, through social media. Friends that have done them in the past,” Dupree shared. “And then I went to my local gym and seen that they had a flyer or poster of one that was going to be here in Tallahassee. So that gave me the motivation to go ahead and get in shape for it.”

Dupree’s healthy lifestyle is clearly shown in her day to day routine. Her sister Latoya Dupree mentioned how she has seen fitness become more important to Lameitra as she has gotten older.

“She’s always been athletic since she was three,” Latoya Dupree, co-owner of Cheer Tech Dance and Fitness said. “As she has gotten older she recognizes the importance of health and fitness.”

For most competitors it takes roughly six months to prepare for competitions. Dupree, however, trained for just three months before conquering the SNBF North Florida show.

Along with being a co-owner of Cheer Tech Dance and Fitness Studio, Dupree is a certified trainer and prefers to train herself for these competitions.

“I usually train either at the gym by myself, or I would do it when I do group training with my clients here at the studio,” Dupree stated.

It takes more than just working out to prepare for the competitions. Having a strict, healthy diet is also imperative in her training method. That means eating more than the average person. For Dupree, it takes six meals a day consisting of fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, and lots of water.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) public health data facts show that black women have a 38 percent of excellent health. Dupree explained that it’s surprising that more black women are becoming more interested in competing in fitness shows.

“The funny part is not even just women, but the African American race period, men and women participation is becoming bigger. Dupree explained. “Actually, the way our bodies are made up we are winning more, and the more we become involved we can actually take over!”

Now that Dupree has experienced a successful fitness show, she plans to compete more to reach her goals.

“My goals are to win my first SNBF Pro Show,” Dupree said. “I won my first show I ever did and got my pro card, now I want to win my first Pro Show.”

Now in the process of preparing for her first Pro Show, Dupree is on her way to accomplishing her goals and impacting the health rate of black women in America. Because fitness is not just a destination, but a lifestyle.


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