Epsilon Sigma Alpha Hopes to Form Chapter for Post Gradates

By Rikki Bell

The Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) collegiate chapter at Florida State University held an informational meeting last week to form a community chapter for post graduates in Tallahassee.

ESA is a co-ed leadership and service organization that aims to help individual members grow as a person, improve their resume and allow them to make a difference in the community. Being a member of ESA brings people together who have the same interests and creates life-long friendships. Most people join ESA to find a place of belonging and to gain formal and informal leadership experience.

“I joined ESA because I was always big on volunteering, but when I moved to Tallahassee I didn’t have anyone that I knew here. I went looking for groups who were active in the community and ESA just clicked for me,” said Noa Chambers, a student at FSU. “ESA really became like my friend and family; I just clicked with them in a way I didn’t with other organizations.”

Chambers explained why she wanted to help expand the ESA chapter. “When I graduate I want to continue working with ESA, and when I found out [there] wasn’t a community chapter, I was interested in helping start one. It’s really a continuation of my enjoyment with ESA.”

Her goals for the ESA community chapter are to get chartered and recruit more members to volunteer in the community. During the informational meeting, members discussed ways to recruit new members and get more involved in the community.

“It will take a group of five to sit down and figure out your chapter. Each person invites a friend and family member, then it builds rapidly,” said Trudie Myers, who is on the Executive Board of the Florida State Council, ESA.

The organization’s mission is to inspire leadership and service for positive people in the community trying to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally. ESA has chapters at universities such as Penn State University, Indiana State University and Illinois State University. The organization hopes to start a chapter at Florida A&M University with the help of students.

ESA has planned local volunteer events such as a donation drive with Going Places Street Outreach Program and a St. Jude Walk Fundraiser. The organization plans to do a sponsorship for the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. ESA also will have upcoming social events such as food parties and tailgate parties, and plans to expand its social media outlets to connect with graduates to be a part of the local chapter.

“Volunteering is not just for a period of your life. It’s your whole life, it’s rewarding,” said Christine Bishop, education director of the Florida State Council, ESA.

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