FAMU Way Extension and Capital Cascades Trail ahead of schedule


By Jazzmin Riles

Phase two of the FAMU Way Extension Project and Capital Cascades Trail is expected to be completed earlier than expected.

Roadway and trail construction for phase two began April 2018 and is projected to be completed early this fall.

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency met recently to discuss updates to the ongoing instrastructure project.

The city of Tallahassee and Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency collaborated in 2014 to create a new roadway and add enhancements to the existing area.

The Southside infrastructure improvements were organized after city officials met with residents of the community to discuss a variety of projects that were scheduled to happen throughout the year.

“This project was a great way for blueprint to collaborate with the city by combining two programs into one,” said Megan Doherty, principal planner at Blueprint.

The project is split into three phases, the first of which began in April 2014.

Phase two is an extension of FAMU Way from Pinellas Street to Gamble Street. This portion will also contain on-street bicycle lanes and on-street parking. Additionally, there will be a roundabout to relieve traffic and new landscaping.

The construction of Tallahassee Junction Storm Water Pond will also happen in phase two. This pond is located between Mill Street and St. Marks Trail. It will replace a dump spot and allow for an advanced wet-pond storm water facility, walking trail, water fountain and landscape.

Phase one dealt with the eastern half of FAMU Way from Bronough Street to Wahnish Way, according to Blueprint. The streets were widened. The project also added on-street bicycle lanes, on-street parking and an off-street trail for bicycling to the existing FAMU Way.

Capital Cascade TrailThe final stage to the improvements of FAMU Way, phase 3, is currently in the design phase. Construction is expected to begin by the end of 2018 and completed Fall 2020, according to Blueprint.

Phase 3 focuses on the westward extension of Gamble Street to Central Drainage Ditch. It will also include the same on-street bicycles lanes and on-street parking.

A storm water facility is also reported to be located near the Central Drainage Ditch. This facility will improve the water quality by reducing the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus.

“The facility will allow us to works towards closing this ditch and making it safer and cleaner,” said Autumn Caulder, the planning manager at Blueprint.

The storm water facility will also provide a flood plan compensation and flood control.

These developments are aimed at providing the Southside of Tallahassee with recreational opportunities and safer roads.


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