Temple Israel hosts town hall in response to immigration policy


By Jeremiah Carter

Residents of Tallahassee gathered recently at the Temple Israel Synagogue for a town hall meeting in response to the recent immigration events.

President Trump’s controversial immigration policy in which children are being split up from their parents has sparked debates from both Democrats and Republicans about whether or not children should be allowed to stay with their parents.

Stefanie Posner, education and music director at Temple Israel, lead the charge and decided to host a meeting. Posner is very active within the Tallahassee Jewish Community. “As a mother and educator seeing hearing about children being spit from their families is wrong,” said Posner.

I had to do something, so I decided to gather people together and action. Posner used Facebook to invite people to the meeting. She titled it “Response to the Refugee Crisis.”

Although the meeting was small, everyone who attended shared their outrage and concern about the policy. A few people stated that we must write our legislators and ask them to speak about why the policy wrong. Others said it reminded them of slavery and the Holocaust because children were split up from their families.

Martha Billings is a member of Temple of Israel, but most importantly, she is a grandmother and mother.  “I cannot ignore the pain that others have endured. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have my child taken away from by force,” said Billings. “My faith and core beliefs make it imperative that I get involved, that’s why I came to the meeting.”

It was announced at the meeting that Temple Israel is plan on partnering with local faith base leaders and other organizations to create a plan on how to take action and move forward. For now, they came up with three actions points which will consist of a letter writing campaign to the media, planning an event to bring awareness and a fundraising event. Also, with the upcoming election the group hopes that candidates running for office will speak out against President Trump’s immigration policy.


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