“She Did That” screening encourages black female entrepreneurs

“She Did That” features Traci Evans, Renae Bluitt, Teneya Gholston and Ashlee Gomez.

By Calvin Robbins Jr.

New York filmmaker Renae Bluitt stopped by Florida A&M University (FAMU) this week to have an intimate showing of her documentary “She Did That,” which tells the stories of black female entrepreneurs.

After the viewing, a panel discussion was held and Bluitt explained the reason behind creating the documentary, stating that the topic of black women entrepreneurs needed to be expounded.

“I did a photography exhibition where we traveled all over the country taking photographs of black women entrepreneurs in the spaces where they create their magic,” said Bluitt. “It made me want to take the conversation to another level. I prayed on it, I meditated on it, and God planted a seed for me to create this documentary.”

The documentary discussed the highs and lows of being a black woman entrepreneur. The women explained their failures in the documentary and how they overcame them. Perseverance and mental fortitude played a major role in their success.

Panelist Ashlee Gomez, founder of Impressions of Beauty, said that nonwork-related activities can be a positive contribution to women entrepreneurs and their mental health.

“Getting your hair done, nails done and hanging out with your friends are huge for women,” said Gomez. “Stepping away from life as an entrepreneur can help because work can get pretty hectic. You are always on unless you turn the switch off.”

Mental health was just one of the things discussed in this documentary filled with useful insight. Gomez spoke about the connections black women aspiring to be entrepreneurs would make after watching the documentary.

“Women will absolutely be inspired. They have seen black women who look like themselves and they will have confidence knowing that they can do it,” said Gomez. “She did that I can do it, too, and I am going to do it.”

Panelists let it be known that though this documentary is focuses on black women, “She Did That” can motivate all black entrepreneurs. Meow and Barks Boutique Owner Traci Evans said that the documentary will spark a flame in the minds of black people aspiring to be their own boss.

“I feel that each and everyone of us was sent here for a purpose,” said Evans. “There is a purpose in our life and that is something we must speak on and it is also something we must act on. Thank you again Renae for creating this doc showing us that it’s black history now and we are out here making it happen.”

“She Did That,” can be found on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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